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Monthly Archive March, 2004


March 27, 2004

As is so often the case, I subscribed to the mutt-users list to fix a specific problem, and I have stayed on and asked questions and greatly improved and complicated the way that I use mutt. For the last four days I have heard not a peep from the list, and it was beginning to […]

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kernel compile = blam!

March 24, 2004

I just went through a fairly major ordeal with my desktop. I was trying to recompile a kernel the Debian way. “The Debian way” is apparently catastrophic failure. Upon reboot I discovered that my Master Boot Record was so damaged that I was unable to boot to any kernel, and unable to reinstall without formatting […]

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apt and dpkg

March 23, 2004

I’ve been needlessly lax in my work here on nerd.cx, as is my wont. I’m much prefer to be active here, adding all of my wee discoveries and tribulations, so I have a better record of them. Perhaps when school calms down. Anyway, after some recent computer troubles, I was chatting with emma and she […]

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