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Monthly Archive April, 2008

New TrueType fonts in Debian

April 28, 2008

I had a font I needed to install to make some graphics for a web project. It was easy enough to buy the font – I just chose the option for the TrueType file (TTF) and I knew I’d be fine. I had a little trouble getting the font to show up though, so I […]

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Cloning your Debian Install

April 11, 2008

Sometimes you need to reinstall a Debian system. Maybe your hard drive is going pear-shaped, maybe you got a new computer, maybe you are replicating a system, maybe you are building a lab. In any case, if you want all the packages that are installed on system 1 on your new/other system 2, here’s an […]

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screen Sulks

April 10, 2008

Occasionally I put my screen session into a state that I call sulking – it refuses to take new input. This happens in two ways – one, my screen session gets fired into the background, and I left with the message [1]+ Stopped screen; the other seems to lock the screen from showing me any […]

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