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More on screen

February 7, 2007

While I don’t have a screen for a graphical user environment (like X), I do have screen for the terminal, and it rocks. Here’s how I use it; I have four primary email accounts, each with their own .muttrc. I open a screen session for each account, plus one session as a scratch pad, for […]

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screen for Windowing Environments

January 29, 2007

Anyone who regularly uses screen knows how useful it can be to have long-lived sessions that you can detach from and come back to later. It is great to be able to start an email in mutt via an SSH terminal, detach from that session, log off, shut the machine down and go home, and […]

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January 18, 2007

I got tired of maintaining (or failing to maintain, as was more often the case) my custom CMS/blogging tool that was the previous core of nerd.cx, and so I switched to WordPress. It seems pretty good, I can hack on it if I need to, and I’m generally happy with the ability to pull my […]

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