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Flights of fancy – part 5

April 1, 2017

In previous posts I has imagined the possibilities of high-strength carbon-based nanomaterials on various industries, and a variety of currently impossible applications.  In this post I imagine some (to me anyway) interesting applications of these tools in times of crisis. I will start with a small-scale crisis dismayingly common in the Canadian north, but it […]

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Flights of Fancy – Part 4

August 26, 2016

In the first three parts of this series I mused about what might be done if there was a industrial-scale solar power plant driving the production of carbon nanomaterials rather than just trying to generate power. I suggested that, with access to carbon-based nanofabrics we could create blimps of various sizes and purposes, and balloon-and-tether […]

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Flights of Fancy – Part 3

August 24, 2016

This series is an extended musing on what might happen with a really robust solar energy industry that, instead of trying to outcompete all of the other electricity providers, using the relatively low-cost energy, both heat and electricity, to create a product that otherwise is relegated to irrelevence because of scarcity – carbon nanotubes and […]

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