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Daily Archive October 13th, 2004

eterm theme

October 13, 2004

<Eterm-0.9.2> begin color foreground white background black cursor #ffff00 cursor_text #880000 pointer white video normal end color begin attributes geometry 80×56 end attributes begin imageclasses path “/usr/share/Eterm/pix/” begin image type background mode trans allow trans auto state normal cmod image 100 end image end imageclasses begin toggles map_alert on visual_bell on login_shell true scrollbar off […]

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Shaded, transparent terminal emulators are pretty. While this is well known by the asthetes who use KDE, and other high-zoot, high-function desktops, I think that it is still true of those who like things a little simpler. I find it quicker to kick the tires of a unicycle. Still, I was looking to see if […]

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