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Monthly Archive April, 2005

Randomized Backdrops 2.0

April 25, 2005

#!/usr/bin/perl -w # This little program sets my background image # randomly in blackbox (and now openbox). # It’s called when I startx. $isxrunning = `ps -C startx | grep "startx"`; if ($isxrunning =~ "startx") { changebackdrop(); } else { exit; } sub changebackdrop { if (!defined $ARGV[0]) { $backdrop_directory = "/home/willyyam/misc/bmps/"; # Set this […]

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Resolved: 2.6.8 and USB

Well, I got things sorted. I got them sorted quite a while ago, but I have just emerged from the cave of my Masters and I resolve to begin catching up on my blogging – I haven’t been hibernating, I just haven’t done any reporting on my activities. Okay, back to the kernel – I […]

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Fun with the 2.6.8 Kernel and ALSA

I figured it was high time I updated my desktop machine to a modern kernel. And, as usual there were some hiccoughs, but it seemed to go reasonably well with the following procedure: cd /usr/src tar xjfv linux.[version].tar.bz2 rm linux (assuming it is a link to your old kernel) ln -s /usr/src/linux.[version] linux cd /usr/src/linux […]

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